Treatment Processes

Aqua Tech Systems provides a variety of innovative technologies for wastewater treatment. Community planners, engineers, regulators, and homeowners have more options for advanced wastewater management systems than ever before. These possibilities enable greater flexibility in wastewater planning and management and protecting water quality. Our technologies can perform as well as centralized wastewater systems.


The key considerations of wastewater system technologies are:

  • Overall size of the wastewater system being designed

  • Capital, operating, and maintenance costs

  • System monitoring and maintenance issue

  • Regulatory and management requirements

  • Natural, hydrological, and physical features of the proposed area as outlined

  • Overall size of the wastewater system being designed

  • Natural features

    • Location

    • Climate

  • Hydrological features

    • Surface waters, watersheds, and wetlands

    • Floodplains

    • Groundwater aquifers-location and characterization

    • Water supply and source water protection areas

  • Physical Features

    • Topography

    • Geology

    • Soils

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