The core philosophy of Aqua Tech Systems is to help communities that have historically relied on septic systems for wastewater disposal find alternative ways to grow without negatively impacting the environment or community.


We take pride in promoting cooperative arrangements to address the needs of municipal, utility and developers within a community, and are continually finding ways to meet the needs of aging or inadequate infrastructure, vast funding shortfalls and an expanding population. Aqua Tech System's personnel have a comprehensive awareness of the diverse issues that exist. Our team is dedicated to understanding the changing needs of our clients and how we can assist in meeting both public health and environmental protection goals in areas where centralized treament is impractical or not cost effective.  With a turnkey approach, our professional team looks forward to providing you with the best combination of options and resources structured to meet your needs.



Aqua Tech Systems offers a complete wastewater system for your project regardless of the size or regulatory constraints. We have developed a competitive advantage nationally by focusing on leading edge technologies on a state by state and international level. Evolving and continually changing wastewater treatment regulations require the ability to meet a variety of effluent standards, such as nitrogen and phosphorous reduction. Aqua Tech Systems is able to provide you the most suitable and cost-effective technologies, regardless of regulations or site limitations. Our management and project development teams consistently analyzes the latest in technology both domestically and internationally. Our efforts developing key relationships with equipment manufacturers provides you with the most competitively priced wastewater solution for your project

Aqua Tech System's Project Management Team having been involved in the engineering and design for your project, acts as a valuable liaison between the developer, engineer and installation contractor. To keep upfront capital costs at a minimum we support your ability to work directly with the engineer and contractor of your choice. Our project management and sales divisions provide the support necessary to ensure the engineer designs and completes your plans in accordance with permit requirements. Aqua Tech Systems contractor required certification program assists in reducing costly installation errors.

Installation Support


Engineering & Design

Aqua Tech Systems Project Management and Sales Department Teams have extensive knowledge in all aspects of wastewater treatment systems. Understanding both upfront capital costs for equipment and installation factored with long term life cycle costs helps both the design engineers and developers in a variety of ways. Design Engineers, possessing an extensive understanding of conventional wastewater systems can meet the needs of the developer community by providing an affordable option for wastewater collection and treatment. Aqua Tech Systems offers the design and regulatory support to complete state and local application requirements in meeting water quality standards. Performing engineering and design services support as needed with regards to detailed construction drawings and specification provides a valuable service to design engineers.


Operations & Maintanence

The operations and maintenance division under the name of NWA Utility Services Inc. was formed in response to the need to have long-term and experienced operators of decentralized wastewater collection and treatment facilities. Many times local governments are not equipped to manage decentralized systems and look for management companies like NWA Utility Services Inc.that can ensure proper ongoing operations and maintenance of advanced wastewater systems. NWA Utility Services comprised of experienced professionals who are skilled in all aspects of facilities design, construction and operations. Our team consists of state-licensed facilities operators, back-room record maintenance, accounts management personnel and community outreach personnel. Meeting the requirements of regulations is a must to ensure adequate performance of decentralized wastewater systems and the best practices towards the protection of the environment.


Utility Ownership

Through our ability to create special districts under applicable state law we can provide own, operate, manage, repair and finance the subdivision's sewer plant, pumps and lines. Development and operational costs are funded not by the developer, per se, but by an assessment that encumbers each lot within the developer's subdivision. While the developer, at first, is obligated to pay all lot sewer assessments. as the developer sells each lot, that lot's corresponding assessment is passed on to the subsequent lot purchaser. The developer's financial liability is reduced accordingly.



Utilizing our development and finance expertise, developers find:

  • That they can begin the land development and sales process absent the need for costly city sewer extensions,

  • That expensive sewer system development costs are avoided thereby allowing the developer to sell for less than comparable market prices or allowing the developer to sell at market yet with higher profit margins,

  • That delays and governmental bureaucracy associated with their development plans can be dramatically reduced if not eliminated in full, and

  • That sewer development costs are funded off-balance-sheet by third party capital market sources thereby avoiding negative impact upon developer's future borrowing power.