Collection Systems

The basic collection system technology alternatives for an Aqua Tech Systems are not limited to one method of collection. With every project being considered for an Aqua Tech System, planners must consider many factors in the selection of an appropriate site specific wastewater collection system, including:

  • Housing density and road frontage

  • Size of the project and wastewater volume to be conveyed

  • Topography and sensitive natural resources

  • Depth to bedrock or groundwater

  • Distance to the wastewater treatment and dispersal site

During the design process of your system the following methods should be considered

  • Conventional gravity systems (with lift stations as required)

  • Septic Tank Effluent Gravity (STEG) system (or small-diameter gravity sewers)

  • Septic Tank Effluent Pump (STEP) pressure system

  • Grinder pump pressure sewer system

  • Vacuum

These collection or conveyance systems often represent the major portion of the total capital cost associated with any wastewater system, so careful consideration should be made in designing not only the least-costly collection system. The various technologies that can be implemented for a decentralized wastewater system must also be evaluated for a given site in regards to:

  • Its appropriateness in solving the problem

  • Its project costs upfront and long term

  • Environmental impact of the project

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