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We've all seen rural towns get "discovered" when they are within commuting distance of a thriving metropolitan area. Practically "overnight" it seems pastures are transformed into sub-divisions.


With its lower tax rate and a brand new exit on the Interstate loop, the city of Piperton was well poised for growth. Its population has doubled in the last three years and is expected to reach 20,000 by 2024. given the chance to design ther infrastructure from scratch, Piperton's city government took the opportunity to choose 'smart growth' for their community.


The Sewer committee agreed they did not want put an unfair burden on the taxpayers in anticipation of growth so they decided to look at a decentralize wastewater treament solution that could be expanded as the city grew


4 key reasons a distributed sewer solution made more sense for Piperton:


  1. Development can be on a "pay as you build" basis

  2. Low operational manpower requirements

  3. The drip/disposal field would satisfy Piperton's open space requirement

  4. The drip/disposal field could be installed in flood plain areas that otherwise would not be used in a development


The Aqua Tech Design Team needed to address these specific requirements for Piperton's situation.


  • Make Each system "modular and scalable" so it could be "phased-in" as needed on two levels: within each individual system as well as for the town's entire wastewater infrastructure.

  • Accommodate flows ranging from 500gpd to 100,000 gpd.

  • Provide easy to operate technology with a minimal time require-ment for the operator.

  • Have very low life cycle & operation and maintenance costs (O&M)

  • use the effluent for drip irrigation


As of October, 2015, Piperton has installed six systems. When these are all operational the Bioclere systems will be capable of treating wastewater from 750 homes. The systems range in size from 20,000 gpd to 80,000 gpd. Currently, the total distributed network can handle 280,000 gpd.


The town of Piperton named the Aqua Tech Bioclere System their preferred and standard treatment technology. From the beginning, their goal was to select one brand of treatment plant for future development throughout the entire town for several reasons:


  • Allows their Maintenance Department to stock one set of spare parts

  • Eliminates the need to communicate with and rely on multiple manufacturers

  • Simplifies training and O&M


Another reason the developers were happy with the town's choice was that the Bioclere system has a small footprint. That means the developer can utilize the maximum amount of area for residential lots.


Aside from the quantifiable wastewater treatment objectives, the city of Piperton achieved its goals in less measureable areas such as aesthetics and conservation.

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