The City of Highfill

The City of Highfill AR is a rural community located in the North West portion of Arkansas. The surrounding area grew rapidly during the past several years and the possibility of economic growth in the City of Highfill was repressed due to the lack of new development caused by the unavailability of a municipal sewer system. Located within the community is the new NW Arkansas Regional Airport. Other than this, the population is dispersed, industry is negligible, and commercial development was fairly limited. The key issue was how to spur growth without threatening the rural atmosphere cherished by many long time residents in the community.

The City of Highfill Arkansas turned to Aqua Tech Systems to work with local leaders and their civil engineering firm to come up with a feasible solution. Like various communities around the United States that struggled with wastewater infrastructure issues, the questions faced by the community leaders involved whether to extend sewers to growing areas, and determination of the optimum size of
wastewater treatment facilities.

Comprehensive planning and an economic analysis of the proposed solution enabled the City to move forward in implementing an Aqua Tech Systems wastewater facility. The financial benefits of modular capacity expansion using this decentralized systems compared to future plans for a large regional centralized facility gave the Aqua Tech Systems the consideration it deserved. The design for Phase 1 of this project is calculated to handle 100,000 GPD with a final phase making the system capable of treating up to 300,000 GPD.

Also, of critical importance was the negative impact this could potentially have on the environment. Located in the Illinois River Watershed, this prospective solution had to be designed to ensure that no additional phosphorus was going to be introduced into Osage Creek. Permit limits and conditions required by the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality and the EPA made the implementation of a large scale subsurface drip irrigation systems the perfect solution for the project.

As a promising approach in wastewater and water resource management, the Aqua Tech Systems complete decentralized solution provides equipment into the system that uses the environment's natural ability to process and treat wastewater. The final design for the City of Highfill wastewater system disperses 100,000 gallons per day of highly treated wastewater thru the utilization of a subsurface drip irrigation system.

A win win has been created. The likelihood of urban sprawl associated with “big pipe” centralized systems is curbed, the community can grow and preserve its rural character, the Osage Creek is protected and economic development and expansion can take place.

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