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What is an Aqua Tech System?


In many respects, these systems are like miniature municipal treatment plants designed for a small community. The unique design and components used in the system accelerate the treatment process through the creation of an optimum environment for  microorganisms that digest the waste, and for the collection and storage of the resulting by products. The treated wastewater also called effluent is far superior in its treatment level than that of a septic tank. This allows for greater flexibility in disposing of the treated wastewater. Rather than being sent to a traditional drain field, like needed with a typical septic tank, in order to provide additional treatment of the waste, the treated effluent from an Aqua Tech System may be used for irrigation or discharged to an open waterway.


In addition, though much has been done to clean up our waters, much work remains. Sewer overflows from large municipal treatment plants or leaking septic tanks threaten the life-sustaining properties of our lakes and waterways, endagering human health and wildlife. Effective pollution controlls inherent in the Aqua Tech System, reduce and eliminate the risk of contaminating the environment, thus safeguarding the environment.




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